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Wando Fishing union Corporation, a company growing as a global seasoned seaweed manufacturing company

在调味海苔生产研发方面, 我们不遗余力最大限度投入研究和资金, 创造出“Saeupyo(虾牌)”商标,努力在世界范围内宣扬韩国调味海苔的优秀性。 莞岛物产在广大客户的支持与爱护下,发展成为美味与品质并存的海苔生产商。日新月异的21世纪要求新味道和健康食品,在追求变化的潮流中,我们持续发展企业信息化和味道多元化,在促进公司发展的同时,提供给消费者最高品质的海苔。作为一个未来指向型公司,我们勇于向拥有诸多可能性和实力的大公司挑战, 不遗余力以莞岛物产的技术与品质得到大家的认可。品牌商标非常重要,日后莞岛物产会积极宣传新品牌( Saeupyo,虾牌),通过广告及网络宣传来使消费者熟知记住我们的商标,努力成为大家都信任的品牌,我们会以最高的品质回馈大众。

When it comes to seasoned seaweed, we invest a lot in R&D and make an effort to promote the excellence of Korean seaweed to the world by operating a "Saeupyo”.

With the love and support of our customers, Wando Fishing union Corporation has developed products with the best taste and quality. The wave of change of the 21st century asks for new tastes and well-being food. This wave of change pushes us to continuously develop the company's informatization and differentiation in the taste in order to achieve the best quality products and grow the company.

For this reason, as a future-oriented company, we want to challenge large companies, with a lot of possibilities and infinite capabilities that we have; we want to be recognized for our technology and quality. In the future, as the branding becomes important, Wando Fishing union Corporation will focus on increasing brand awareness through advertisements and Internet ads so that more consumers will be informed about the new brand (Saewoopyo) while still striving for producing the best quality products.